Who are We?

Welcome to Right of Centre UK. This site is a news and current affairs site that has been created to discuss both UK and world politics and current events and to promote honest and truthful reporting and the free and open exchange of ideas and opinions.

We firmly believe that any and all countries of the world have had good periods and bad periods in their histories and that the history of any country should be judged as a whole and not by a single period of time or event in that country’s history. With that said, we are unashamedly pro-UK, pro-USA, pro, pro-free speech and pro-democracy.

Our Mission

We believe in the honest and factual reporting of news and political events and it is our mission to deliver that to our readers. It is our mission to provide our readers with articles and opinion pieces that clear up some of the factually incorrect or inaccurate news published by other news outlets and to counter biased opinions of left-wing journalists.

We will also endeavour to cover the news and events that the mainstream media fails to report on or simply chooses to ignore, so check back in regularly for up to date news and content and thanks for stopping by!

Right of Centre UK