Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Refuses Donald Trumps Offer of Federal Assistance

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler again Refuses Donald Trump’s Offer of Federal Assistance

The Mayor of Portland today wrote a letter to Donald Trump once again turning down his offer of federal assistance in dealing with the Portland protests. Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland refused the offer of President Donald Trump, of federal law enforcement support. In a letter to President Trump Mr Wheeler stated: “Once again […]

black lives matter uk leader sasha johnson states the white man will not be our equal but our slave

Black Lives Matter UK Leader, Sasha Johnson, has Twitter Account Suspended after Tweeting, “the white man will not be our equal, but our Slave”

The leader of Black Lives Matter UK, Sasha Johnson had her Twitter account suspended today after tweeting that, “the white man will not be our equal but our slave”. The statement was made in a pinned tweet on the Twitter account of the Black Lives Matter UK leader, with many people on social media condemning […]

Pro-Veterans and Children's Rights Protesters March Through Nottingham

Pro-Veterans and Children’s Rights Protesters March in Nottingham Rally

Huge crowds of pro-veteran protesters descended on Nottingham today to march to highlight the plight of veterans and children in the UK. Huge crowds filled up Old Market Square and there were some clashes with opposing Antifa protesters. The pro-veteran supporters marched with banners stating amongst other things, “God Bless Donald Trump” and “Antifa Protects […]

Marquise Lee Love arrested in connection with assault of man in Portland

Suspect Arrested in the Potentially Fatal Attack on a Truck Driver in Portland

Police in Portland, USA have arrested the man wanted in connection with the potentially-fatal attack on a man who was beaten by a Black Lives Matter mob, before being kicked in the head from behind and rendered unconscious by the suspect. Marquise Lee Love turn himself in on Friday morning after his name and images […]


White 17 year old girl Robbed and Murdered in North Carolina, USA – media Remain Silent

A 17 Year old North Carolina girl was shot dead on Saturday after being robbed in her car. A gang of black teenagers have been arrested in relation to the murder. Veronica Baker of Raleigh, North Carolina was found dead in her car at around 8pm by a passer-by. The engine of Ms Baker’s car […]


Man Dragged from truck Beaten and then Knocked Unconscious by kick to the Head in Portland Riots

Video footage emerged today of a man in Portland, Oregon who was Dragged from his truck after he crashed it in to a tree near a Black Lives Matters protest. The man was dragged from his vehicle and forced to sit in the road, surrounded by a mob of rioters who then proceeded to viciously […]

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick says Metropolitan Police not institutionally racist

Met Police NOT Institutionally Racist says Commissioner Cressida Dick

Britain’s most senior police officer, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has spoken out against allegations of institutional racism levelled at the force recently by Labour MP Dawn Butler. Dame Cressida denied that the Met was institutionally racist stating that they have a zero-tolerance policy on the issue. Speaking to Channel 4 News the Met’s […]

keir starmer belatedly speaks out regarding the dawn butler police stop

Keir Starmer Speaks out on Dawn Butler Police Stop but Where do we go from Here?

Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer spoke out on Monday regarding the Labour MP, Dawn Butler’s police stop that took place last Sunday. Sir Keir made the brief and fairly generic statement on Twitter. Sir Keir said in his Twitter statement, “I reached out yesterday to @DawnButlerBrent to discuss the incidence she reported and to offer […]

Deputy Police Commissioner Backs Cops in Dawn Butler Police Stop

Deputy Police Commissioner Backs Officers in Dawn Butler Police Stop

A Deputy Commissioner from the Met Police Force has spoken out against officers facing “trial by social media” after a car in which Labour MP Dawn Butler was stopped on Sunday. Deputy Commissioner Sir Steve House of the Metropolitan Police Force has spoken out in defence of the police officers who pulled over a car, […]

french assembly vote for abortions up to birth

French Assembly Vote for Abortions up to Birth

In a move that is being called horrific by pro-life campaigners, the French National Assembly today gave the green light to radical new amendments that could effectively legalise abortions, of not only fetuses but also of fully grown babies by allowing abortions on demand, up until birth for “psychosocial distress”. The move will effectively allow […]