Rishi Sunak has a Plan to Stop the Illegal Invasion of Dover

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So apparently after being in power since 2010, Rishi Sunak now has a(nother) plan to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants entering the UK via small boat at Dover.

Well, assuming that this latest in a long line of apparent plans to stop the invasion works, is it too little, too late?

Too Little, Too Late

Well according to the Guardian, there have been almost 45,000 illegal immigrants landing on British shores in the last year alone. Meanwhile, the Tories have had 13 years in power, and much of that with an 80-seat majority. Ample time to sort out this invasion and yet they’ve presided over a so-called Conservative government that has sat by and watched the numbers of illegal immigrants increase exponentially year on year.

The village in which I live, has been irrevocably damaged, and changed beyond all recognition as a result of this invasion.

I’ve just taken a walk around my local shopping parade with my son and noticed how every single shop in my area is now a Muslim takeaway or Muslim barber shop.

Whenever a social housing property becomes available, due to someone either dying or moving out, is immediately given to a Muslim immigrant family.

British people are now openly discriminated against when it comes to housing, and to get to the top of the housing list it would seem that you need to not only be an immigrant, but specifically a Muslim immigrant.

Also, every private rental property that I have personally seen become available in my area has been rented by a Muslim immigrant family, probably at the expense of the British taxpayer.

And all of this while indigenous British people live on the streets of all of our major towns and cities.

There are ZERO indigenous British people moving to my area, and there are so many hijab-wearing women walking around that you would be forgiven for thinking that you are walking around Afghanistan.

We are literally being supplanted.

And now, thirteen years later, and just before an upcoming general election we are expected to believe that Rishi suddenly has a plan that will end the invasion?

Well, sorry Rishi but I don’t buy it and I for one will NEVER, EVER vote for the Tory party again. They are nothing but a gang of treacherous, self-serving liars and they have now lost a lifelong voter in me.

And I am sure we will get some of those lefty liberal types who read this talking about how “immigrants built the NHS”.

Well no, immigrants contribute to the NHS, they didn’t build it. And I can assure you that there are no brain surgeons, computer programmers, or rocket scientists entering the UK illegally via Dover. If there were, they would have just come here legally and would be welcome to come.

No, the invasion of economic migrants illegally entering the country via Dover is predominantly being carried out by low-educated, low-skilled chancers hoping to enjoy the hospitality of the British taxpayer upon arriving on our shores.

Or if they do work, they will get jobs as taxi drivers or pizza shop workers, and the last I checked (today, walking through my village) we’ve got more than enough of those here already.

So How Can We Stop the Dover Invasion?

Well firstly, let’s call this phenomenon what it is. An invasion or fighting age illegal, predominantly Muslim, economic migrants fleeing from the safety of France. They are not asylum seekers or they would apply for asylum in the first safe country that they arrived in, rather than make a beeline for the soft-touch United Kingdom.

The land of free council houses, school places, NHS services, and benefits for themselves and all of the family members that they eventually bring over here to join them.

Then once we have accepted those facts, the following three steps will immediately end this invasion:

1. Automatic denial of asylum for EVERYONE entering illegally from a safe country such as France.

2. Detention, NOT four-star hotels for all illegal immigrants criminally entering the UK from France or any other safe country.

3. Repatriation of ALL illegal immigrants, no exceptions.

Problem solved overnight!

And should they destroy their passports in an effort to stop their deportation, then they should remain in detention until it is ascertained as to where they are to be repatriated. Not released amongst the British public without us knowing anything whatsoever about them.

This is not cruel treatment of these criminals entering the UK illegally. These are perfectly reasonable actions to take to protect the British public and stop this illegal invasion of our country.

Is it reasonable to believe that the UK government couldn’t have come up with this simple, effective plan by themselves in the last thirteen years that they’ve been in power? No, it is not reasonable to believe that.

They are liars and they are allowing this to happen. And they don’t care because it doesn’t affect their towns and villages.

It is the general population of working-class people who have to sit by and suffer the complete destruction of their society, customs, and values. Not the lying politicians.

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