Illegal immigrants arriving in Dover.

Rishi Sunak has a Plan to Stop the Illegal Invasion of Dover

So apparently after being in power since 2010, Rishi Sunak now has a(nother) plan to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants entering the UK via small boat at Dover. Well, assuming that this latest in a long line of apparent plans to stop the invasion works, is it too little, too late? Too Little, Too […]

Jimi The Hero fundraiser surpasses £137,500

GoFundMe Campaign for Folajimi “Jimi The Hero” Olubunmi-Adewole Surpasses £137,500

The GoFundMe fundraiser for the Nigerian-born hero, 20-year-old Folajimi “Jimi” Olubunmi-Adewole, has at the time of writing passed the £137,500 mark. The amount raised has far surpassed the original target of £25,000 in what can only be described as an outpouring of love, gratitude, and respect for this young man, who paid the ultimate price […]


“House Negroes need Hanging” Sasha Johnson, BLM UK

Prominent member of the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK, Sasha Johnson, has slammed the members of the UK Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities as “house negroes” who “need hanging” after the Commission finds that “there is NO evidence of structural racism in Britain”. Johnson made the wildly inappropriate remarks in a series […]

Patsy Stevenson Arrested

Vigil held for Murdered Sarah Everard Hijacked by Anti-male Protesters

Trouble erupted between police and protesters at a vigil held last night for Sarah Everard, the 33-year-old woman who was abducted and murdered recently after it was hijacked by feminist anti-male and anti-police protesters. The vigil held on Clapham Common, that had been attended by the Duchess of Cambridge earlier on the day, descended into […]


Lucasfilm bows to woke Twitter mob and fires The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano

In the latest example of leftist “cancel culture”, Lucasfilm has bowed down to the baying woke, leftist Twitter mob calling for Gina Carano to be fired from the hit show, The Mandalorian. The former female MMA fighter turned actor has been the latest conservative victim of woke cancel culture after being fired from the hit […]

Police are searching for 26-year-old Kadian Nelson for rape and attempted abduction of school girl.

Police Name Rape Suspect Wanted in Mitcham, South London as Kadian Nelson

Police have named a man wanted in connection with the rape and the attempted abduction of a schoolgirl in Mitcham, South London as 26-year-old Kadian Nelson. Police were called shortly after 7am after a woman rescued the girls from the attacker whilst also capturing footage of him on her mobile phone. A manhunt is currently […]

Police respond after Vienna Islamist terror attack

UK Terror Threat Alert Raised to Severe in wake of Recent Terror Attacks

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel announced today that the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has changed the UK terror threat from substantial to severe, meaning that the possibility of a terrorist attack in the UK is highly likely. The Home Secretary made the announcement after the recent spate of Islamist terror attacks around Europe. The latest […]

Islamist terrorist who kills three in Nice revealed to be a boat migrant

Terrorist who Murdered 3 in Nice Revealed to be boat Migrant who Arrived in France last Month

The Islamist terrorist who decapitated an elderly woman and stabbed another man and woman to death near a church in Nice has been revealed to be a boat migrant who arrived in France from Italy just last month. The attack left two women and one man dead and was called an “Islamist terrorist attack” by […]

New Statesman writer condemns police killing of Islamist terrorist after French teacher is beheaded.

Leftist New Statesman Magazine Writer Sparks Outrage after Condemning Shooting of Terrorist who Beheaded a French Teacher

A writer for left-wing New Statesman magazine has sparked outrage after he tweeted his condemnation of the shooting of an Islamist terrorist who decapitated a French teacher last Friday (16th). Dana Nawzar Jaf tweeted, “I fully condemn French police’s senseless murder of the Muslim suspect last night.” and claimed that, “Macron and his security apparatus […]