Lucasfilm bows to woke Twitter mob and fires The Mandalorian’s Gina Carano

In the latest example of leftist “cancel culture”, Lucasfilm has bowed down to the baying woke, leftist Twitter mob calling for Gina Carano to be fired from the hit show, The Mandalorian. The former female MMA fighter turned actor has been the latest conservative victim of woke cancel culture after being fired from the hit […]

New Statesman writer condemns police killing of Islamist terrorist after French teacher is beheaded.

Leftist New Statesman Magazine Writer Sparks Outrage after Condemning Shooting of Terrorist who Beheaded a French Teacher

A writer for left-wing New Statesman magazine has sparked outrage after he tweeted his condemnation of the shooting of an Islamist terrorist who decapitated a French teacher last Friday (16th). Dana Nawzar Jaf tweeted, “I fully condemn French police’s senseless murder of the Muslim suspect last night.” and claimed that, “Macron and his security apparatus […]

rachel riley on eight out of 10 cats do countdown

Innocent Tweet Leaves Rachel Riley in Trouble with the Woke-left Racism Police

So I was perusing Twitter this morning with my morning coffee when I came across some interesting tweets accusing the Countdown math-magician Rachel Riley of racism. She had tweeted a response to an Arsenal fan who happened to be an Indian who lives, believe it or not, in India. Having seen these accusatory tweets directed […]