Islamist terrorist who kills three in Nice revealed to be a boat migrant

Terrorist who Murdered 3 in Nice Revealed to be boat Migrant who Arrived in France last Month

The Islamist terrorist who decapitated an elderly woman and stabbed another man and woman to death near a church in Nice has been revealed to be a boat migrant who arrived in France from Italy just last month. The attack left two women and one man dead and was called an “Islamist terrorist attack” by […]

New Statesman writer condemns police killing of Islamist terrorist after French teacher is beheaded.

Leftist New Statesman Magazine Writer Sparks Outrage after Condemning Shooting of Terrorist who Beheaded a French Teacher

A writer for left-wing New Statesman magazine has sparked outrage after he tweeted his condemnation of the shooting of an Islamist terrorist who decapitated a French teacher last Friday (16th). Dana Nawzar Jaf tweeted, “I fully condemn French police’s senseless murder of the Muslim suspect last night.” and claimed that, “Macron and his security apparatus […]

Boris Johnson conference speech build back better

Boris Johnson vows to “Build Back Better” in Tory Conference Speech

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to “build back better” after the Coronavirus has been defeated saying that “after all that we’ve been through, it isn’t enough just to go back to normal. We’ve lost too much, we’ve mourned too many. We’ve been through too much frustration and hardship just to settle for the […]


SNP Withdraws the whip from MP who took 400-mile train Journey after Receiving Positive COVID-19 Result

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has apologised “unreservedly” after making a 400-mile train journey from London to Glasgow after she received a positive test for the COVID-19 virus. The SNP MP had originally travelled to London after developing symptoms of COVID-19, flouting the rules to self isolate after developing symptoms of the virus. She then went […]