Vigil held for Murdered Sarah Everard Hijacked by Anti-male Protesters

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Trouble erupted between police and protesters at a vigil held last night for Sarah Everard, the 33-year-old woman who was abducted and murdered recently after it was hijacked by feminist anti-male and anti-police protesters.

Patsy Stevenson Arrest
Patsy Stevenson is arrested at Sarah Everard protest.

The vigil held on Clapham Common, that had been attended by the Duchess of Cambridge earlier on the day, descended into chaos when anti-male feminist protesters proceeded to give speeches on the bandstand located in the common and then refused to disperse the illegal protest, that was in contravention of Covid 19 lockdown laws.

Chants of “fuck the police, no justice, no peace” were shouted and placards with APAB (All Police Are Bastards) were carried by the protesters. Police eventually had to make some arrests when protesters refused to disperse and refused to give their personal details to police in connection with Covid fines that they were trying to hand out to the protesters.

One of the women arrested, actress, model and member of Reclaim These Streets, Patsy Stevenson, who is also one of the protest organisers was arrested on the night and images of her being handcuffed by police have now been seen around the world. After the arrest Stevenson had this to say:

“The fact that the police turned up was just disgraceful, because before then it was a peaceful protest.

“I was arrested by police for standing there, I wasn’t doing anything, they threw me to the floor, they have pictures of me on the floor being arrested and I’m 5′ 2” and I weigh nothing.

“And there was several police who were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me in cuffs, dragged me away surrounded by like, 10 police officers er, and when I got into the van they said that we just need your name and address and we’ll let you go with a fine.

Adding, “So I don’t see the point of the arrest to be honest. I don’t see what that was for.”

So what can we ascertain from the statement that Ms Stevenson made after her arrest?

Anti-police protesters at the Sarah Everard vigil.

Well, first and foremost we see that Sarah mistakenly feels that as she is only 5′ 2″ and doesn’t weigh very much that she should be allowed to break the law and refuse to disperse from an illegal gathering when told to by the police. She also seems to think, again mistakenly, that her size means that she should not be physically detained by the police when resisting arrest. And as she couldn’t see why she was arrested, we can also assume that she feels that she can break the law without consequence.

But much more important than this, we can see that this event was never organised by Patsy Stevenson as a vigil for people to pay their respects to a young woman who lost her life in such a horrific way. Indeed Ms Stevenson herself says within the first sentence of the statement that she made that “The fact that the police turned up was just disgraceful because before then it was a peaceful protest.” Emphasis on “protest”.

A protest in fact, that had already been denied permission by the police and was illegal under Covid 19 lockdown regulations.

What was Patsy Stevenson protesting?

So we know that the horrific murder of Sarah Everard has been hijacked by people including, Patsy Stevenson, to protest and further their own anti-male, anti-police agenda. So what you might ask, is it that Patsy and her fellow protesters are actually protesting about?

Well, visitors to the vigil (protest) would be forgiven, due to the chants of “fuck the police, no justice, no peace” that they had just walked into a Black Lives Matter protest but no.

What Patsy and co. were actually protesting about was men. And specifically male violence against women. While the vast majority of us, both male and female find the idea of violence against women or indeed anyone abhorrent, it seems that Party and her follows are incapable of differentiating the actions of a psychopathic male murderer and men in general. Or of a murdering police officer with all of the decent hard-working police officers that work to keep us safe every day.

Anti-police signs were carried by protestors with slogans such as “We live in fear. Not all will survive. Police do not protect us” and “APAB” (All Police Are Bastards) as if the actions of one evil psychopath, who just happened to be a police officer, is representative of all of the decent, hard-working police officers who go to work every day to fight crime and keep our streets safe. Far-left protest group Extinction Rebellio,n have since the protest, made fresh demands for the police to be de-funded.

The placards and signs being held by women at the protest also attest to the ani-male, with slogans such as “Educate Your Sons” as if it is suddenly imperative that all parents educate their sons on not becoming psychotic murderers of women. And “She was just walking home”. Yes, she was and she very, unfortunately, bumped into a murderer, not just a normal man.

Don’t tar us all with the same brush, were not all psychopathic rapists and murderers, regardless of what some man-hating feminists would have you believe.

In fact, some women struggle so much with this differentiation that suggestions have actually been made by Green Party and SNP politicians of an enforced 6 pm curfew for all men in the UK.

Clearly, these absurd suggestions were made without very much intelligent consideration as most of us would understand that rapists and murderers don’t actually abide by the law and would still go out while all law-abiding males observed the curfew. And that a male attack on a woman is much less likely if there are other males around to intervene.

Unfortunately though, in the world that we currently live, men and in particular white men it seems, are fair game for any and all groups with an axe to grind, with the intolerant political left clearly desperate to impose unimaginably overzealous and draconian measure on even the law-abiding men, such as a 6 pm curfew.

Should we blame all men for the actions of one evil individual? Or even because of the actions of the tiny percentage of men who commit acts of domestic abuse? Men that the vast majority of decent men despise and condemn because of their violent actions towards women?

Well, do we blame all Muslims for the few that commit terrorism? No.

Do we blame all doctors for the actions of Harold Shipman? Absolutely not.

Do we hold all nurses accountable for the murders committed by Beverley Gail Allitt or Lucy Letby? Of course we don’t, and it would be absolutely ridiculous to do so.

Yet it seems that following the horrific and tragic murder of Sarah Everard, Patsy Stevenson and her fellow man-hating, feminist protest organisers felt the need to not only link the actions of a sadistic and clearly abnormal murderer, with male on female domestic violence but also with males in general. They then went on to organise an illegal protest in the guise of a vigil for Sarah Everard, politicising her death in an obscene display of self promotion and agenda pushing.

It is not right to link the actions of the police officer, Wayne Couzens, who has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering Sarah Everard, with domestic violence as they are far from the same crime. Or to compare the suspected killer with the police in general. Or indeed to act like male violence towards, or the murder of women by men is some sort of epidemic within the male population.

The kidnapping and murder of an unknown woman in the UK is an extremely rare thing to happen and domestic violence is not only committed by a fraction of the male population but in some cases is also committed by women towards men. Rather than opting to engage in the typical leftist witch hunt, against men in general and particularly white men, perhaps Ms Stevenson should be protesting against all forms of domestic violence and not just that directed towards women.

So what other repercussions have we seen since this anti-male protest?

Well unfortunately the Metropolitan police have taken some pretty heavy flack since breaking up this illegal protest disguised as a vigil.

Patsy Stevenson’s acting profile

If we listen to Ms Stevenson then she was just standing there and was thrown to the floor for no reason whatsoever but what actually happened is that Stevenson and other illegal protesters congregated around the bandstand on Clapham Common listening to speakers.

While a vigil for Sarah Everard was rightly being tolerated by the police, even though permission for a vigil had previously been denied, a full scale anti-male and anti-police protest during Covid restrictions was not going to be tolerated.

So police moved in to disperse the protesters. Ms Stevenson at this point felt a need to rush over to and enter the bandstand where she, along with other protesters, then refused to disperse.

Where Ms Stevenson says she was “arrested by police for standing there”, what would be a more accurate description of events would be to say that she was just standing there, refusing to move and disperse, whilst antagonising the police officers trying to disperse the protesters.

The protesters then proceeded to grab hold of barriers and resisted arrest. It was at this point that some of them, including Stevenson, were forcibly detained by the police. Did the police use unreasonable force? No, they didn’t. They used the amount of force required to detain a resisting protestor.

Should the police have broken up the protest? Absolutely they should have. The protest was not only illegal but was being conducted under extremely distasteful and disrespectful circumstances, politicising the murder of a young woman.

Using the murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard as a catalyst to further their anti-male, anti-police protest was beyond abhorrent.

I would hazard a guess that the actress and model, Patsy Stevenson will relish the media attention that she has garnered from the stunt that she has pulled. Is the attention justified? Absolutely not. Was she arrested in a manner the like of which has never been seen before? Again, absolutely not. She was arrested in the manner befitting anyone who breaks the law and then resists arrest, plain and simple. She was not injured or harmed in any way and having been removed from the scene was given a £200 fine and released.

Sarah’s family openly stated that they did not want this vigil to happen but did Patsy Stevenson and her fellow protesters care about the wishes of the family? No, of course they didn’t. They selfishly and insensitivity carried on regardless because the death of Sarah Everard was too good of an opportunity for them to further their own bigoted anti-male, anti-police agenda for them to pass up.

One thing that is for sure though, is that whatever they were protesting about, Ms Stevenson and co. should have planned to legally protest at an appropriate time and not hijacked and politicised the tragic death of this poor young woman, Sarah Everard, to further their own agenda in such an obvious and disrespectful way and in direct opposition of the wishes of Sarah’s family and loved ones.

You can also read what one of Sarah Everard’s friends had to say about the vigil and the politicisation of Sarah’s murder in this Spiked article entitled “This is not what Sarah would have wanted“.

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