Man Dragged from truck Beaten and then Knocked Unconscious by kick to the Head in Portland Riots

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Video footage emerged today of a man in Portland, Oregon who was Dragged from his truck after he crashed it in to a tree near a Black Lives Matters protest.

The man was dragged from his vehicle and forced to sit in the road, surrounded by a mob of rioters who then proceeded to viciously beat the man in front of his female passenger.

The rioter can be seen in the video rifling through the man’s possessions, presumably looking for things to steal. The crowd then looked to be walking away before one of the rioters is seen to run up and kick the man in the head.

The man is then seen with people trying to turn him over into the recovery position and calling out for an ambulance to be called. The man is seen to be bleeding badly from a head wound as shouts of “black lives matter” are heard being screamed and shouted out in the background.

The police later arrived and were verbally abused by the rioters before the man was taken to the hospital. According to the last reports we’ve seen the man is till at this time unconscious in a Portland hospital some hours after the attack.

The man is forced to sit in the street.
The rioters refuse to let him stand or leave.
The man to the left of the picture kicks the unconscious man in the head.
Others eventually come to the man’s aid before he is taken to a Portland hospital.

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