Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Refuses Donald Trumps Offer of Federal Assistance

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler again Refuses Donald Trump’s Offer of Federal Assistance

The Mayor of Portland today wrote a letter to Donald Trump once again turning down his offer of federal assistance in dealing with the Portland protests. Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland refused the offer of President Donald Trump, of federal law enforcement support. In a letter to President Trump Mr Wheeler stated: “Once again […]

Marquise Lee Love arrested in connection with assault of man in Portland

Suspect Arrested in the Potentially Fatal Attack on a Truck Driver in Portland

Police in Portland, USA have arrested the man wanted in connection with the potentially-fatal attack on a man who was beaten by a Black Lives Matter mob, before being kicked in the head from behind and rendered unconscious by the suspect. Marquise Lee Love turn himself in on Friday morning after his name and images […]


Man Dragged from truck Beaten and then Knocked Unconscious by kick to the Head in Portland Riots

Video footage emerged today of a man in Portland, Oregon who was Dragged from his truck after he crashed it in to a tree near a Black Lives Matters protest. The man was dragged from his vehicle and forced to sit in the road, surrounded by a mob of rioters who then proceeded to viciously […]